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Lei Shen Down...On to Heroics...

...25 Man Lei Shen Kill Coming Soon!

04/05/2013 04:13 PM by Traxamillion.

Killing things on 10 Man isn't how we like to progress. In fact, we hate it because a lot of us have been in this guild for a while and sometimes have to be sat for 10s, and a lot of us are also new and don't like having to sit because RL hits our attendance hard sometimes too often. But sometimes its whats necessary due to the amount of people online at the time.

We worked hard this week to learn and attempt to kill it on 25 but attendance bug hit us again on our final raid night of the week. We had been working on Lei Shen for one week already on non-raid nights and then another day on 25s. On 4/4/13 we finally killed him and can continue to Heroic kills on a patch that has been real bumpy from the start.

To any guild members reading this: Keep recruiting and don't be phased by this last week.

To any guests reading this: Icon is ALWAYS recruiting members for our 25M core raid team.



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